ZXtalk-B IP portfolio

Name of the intellectual property portfolio: ZXtalk-B.

Sectors: high-performance computing (servers), chip manufacturing.
Technical areas: high-speed electrical interconnections, signal integrity.

Title of the patent family Family
Multichannel interfacing device having a termination circuit P40
Multichannel interfacing device having a balancing circuit P42
Method for transmission using a non-uniform interconnection P47
Balanced-input current-sensing differential amplifier P49

This portfolio is no longer offered for sale, effective 25 october 2016.

This portfolio comprises the items listed in the following table. To obtain the latest relevant document, click in the "Item ID" column. To get more due diligence information, please contact us.

Item ID Jurisdiction Application No. Filing date Patent or PCT publ. No. Issue Date Family
P40-A France 08/03876 8 July 2008 FR 0803876 28 October 2011 P40
P40-B PCT PCT/IB2009/051182 20 March 2009 WO 2010/004444 N/A
P40-C USA 12/964,115 9 Dec 2010 US 8,222,919 17 July 2012
P42-A France 08/03985 11 Jul 2008 FR 0803985 20 Aug 2010 P42
P42-B PCT PCT/IB2009/051557 14 Apr 2009 WO 2010/004448 N/A
P42-C USA 12/970,244 16 Dec 2010 US 8,125,240 28 Feb 2012
P47-A France 09/04610 28 Sep 2009 FR 0904610 10 Feb 2012 P47
P47-B PCT PCT/IB2010/051857 28 Apr 2010 WO 2011/036572 N/A
P47-C USA 13/085,636 13 April 2011 US 8,174,334 8 May 2012
P49-A France 10/02662 25 June 2010 FR 1002662 29 June 2012 P49
P49-B PCT PCT/IB2011/052213 20 May 2011 WO 2011/161563 N/A
P49-C USA 13/692,193 3 Dec 2012 US 8,692,617 8 April 2014


     The patent families P40, P42 and P47 are mainly intended to be applied to the ZXtalk techniques for the reduction of internal crosstalk and echo in electrical interconnections such as the one used in a system in package (SiP), a multi-chip module (MCM) or a printed circuit board (PCB). The ZXtalk method improves the performance of links used to obtain m transmission channels using an interconnection having m transmission conductors. The link features a low crosstalk between the transmission channels, in spite of a narrow spacing between the transmission conductors. The link also uses fewer conductors than m differential links.

     A short presentation of the ZXtalk method is available in the Section 3 of this page. Several peer-reviewed technical articles published on this subject may be downloaded here. Excem also offers two Seminars and a free electronic book presenting the technical background for assessing and implementing this technology.

     The patent family P47 is necessary for expanding the applicability of the ZXtalk methods to an interconnection which cannot be modeled as a uniform multiconductor transmission line, for instance an interconnection extending from a first chip to a second chip. A topical subject is the application of the ZXtalk method to top-side chip-to-chip bridges. Top-side chip-to-chip bridges are for instance described in a paper entitled "A 47 x 10Gb/s 1.4mW/gb/s parallel interface in 45nm CMOS", published in the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 45, No. 12, Dec. 2010. The Authors of this paper are with Intel. Three recent patents assigned to Intel apply the concept of modal signaling to parallel interfaces used in top-side chip-to-chip bridges: US patent 7,816,779, US patent 7,989,946 and US patent 8,450,201. In our view, the patent family P47 is needed for such applications. It might also be needed to implement the invention of Rambus disclosed in US patent 8,279,676.

     The patent families P40 and P42 can also be used in links where the ZXtalk and ZXnoise methods are combined to obtain a reduction of internal and external crosstalk.

     The balanced current-sensing differential amplifier disclosed in the P49 patent family may be used as the input circuit of a line receiver for a differential or pseudo-differential link.

     The patent family P42 (US 8,125,240) was referenced by USPTO examiners during the prosecution of US 8,903,009 (assigned to Broadcom Corporation).

     The ZXtalk-B portfolio is presented in this slide show. For a conference with technical experts, please contact us. We can also provide several reports relating to these inventions.

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